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Any person in the United States who is not a citizen of the country may be placed in removed (deported) if he or she is deemed inadmissible or deportable. Even a lawful permanent resident (LPR) may lose his or her status and be removed from the United States. In these scenarios, it is important to understand all your options and work in an efficient manner.




In many cases, individuals who are may be in violation of an immigration law, can be arrested and detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Our office understands the stress and fear that one or they loved ones feels during this time. As such, our office prioritizes detention cases and maintains constant communication with family members to ensure that they are informed of every progress in the case.

  1. Bond Hearing

    Once an individual is detained, our office will immediately focus on determining whether he or she is eligible for a bond and, if so, take all the necessary actions to schedule a bond hearing before the immigration judge. Please note that bond hearings are scheduled quickly so it is crucial to promptly prepare a well-documented case to ensure the best result on the day of the hearing. Our team has the experience required to work with the family members in order to ensure that all the required documents are gathered in time.            

  2. Request for Release

Another option for detainees is to request a release from detention from ICE if the detainee does not meet the new guidelines for detention. For instance, a person with no criminal record and a potential relief is not a priority for detention.


In order to request this release, it is important to gather all the relevant documents of the detainee’s case and present then in an organized manner to ICE. Our team has the experience to put together a request for release efficiently, working with the family and with ICE to ensure fast results.


Non Detained Cases


Once an individual is scheduled to appear before the immigration judge, it is essential for that individual to seek immediate legal counsel. With all cases, we will take the time to determine whether there is basis for removal. If we find that there is not enough evidence to warrant removal we will move quickly to terminate the proceedings.

In addition, our firm will take all the necessary steps to analyze your case and determine all your options. We will assist you with every aspect of the removal process including preparation for hearings and drafting necessary documents. In some instances, the case may be concluded at the first hearing. Other cases will require lengthy preparation with our team in order to present your relief to the immigration judge. We are prepared to offer and explain your options as well as working together to achieve your goals.

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